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Heather Glansford Rowson - Chair Rena J Guttridge SRN - BCMA Officer
Colleen Tucker - BCMA Officer Ron Mercer - BCMA Officer

Heather Glansford Rowson - Chair

I started working life in classical music and opera, as a singer, teacher and researcher and soon became aware that in order to create the best quality and most communicative singing, that body posture, physicality, emotions, energy, empathy and self-esteem play as important a part, if not more so, than the basic singing technique or the amount of effort put into learning or practising. 

This whole-person focus started me on the path I follow today as an Integrative Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Philosopher, exploring with, and accompanying people on, a path to achieve their greatest health, peace, wellbeing, heart’s yearning, transcendent experience, creativity and joy!
By exploring a loving acceptance of the full spectrum of Self (the bits we think we like and don’t like!), by remembering a compassionate and creative sense of Self and of those one is interacting with, through a joyful awareness and kinship with Nature and the rest of the world, this honest and positive reconnection releases our precious time and energy to work collaboratively and creatively, rather than in a continual struggle with life and with the rest of humanity!

I am passionate about encouraging within CAM, high standards of training, professionalism, integrity, humility, and joyful and flowing practice!  In addition, I encourage wide accessibility and normalisation of Complementary Therapy within the wider healthcare system, thereby protecting and supporting therapist and client and human(!) alike.
(BA, MMus (Dist), Dip Sec, Dip FIEH, Dip A&P, BSoM (Dist))

Rena J Guttridge SRN

I have worked as a professional energy medicine practitioner and teacher for over 30 years following a career in general and child nursing. My practice has involved extensive work in childhood trauma and the treatment of bullying, fear, abuse and PTSD. This experience led me to create The 5 Awakenings Sequence® - an energy medicine modality developed for the treatment of bullying in children and now used extensively in the field of trauma for both adults and children with teachers in the UK and Canada.

In the 1990’s I established Hane Lea School of Healing, allied to the World Federation of Healing and in 2000 formed The Healer Foundation by bringing together a group of healer graduates. 

The alliance to the BCMA was established in 2002.
My dedication and passion is for the progress of therapeutic aspects of energy and complementary medicine and the upholding of ethical standards. I feel fortunate to be involved in this growth within the BCMA.
I am a keen gardener and horticulturist; a member of the Hardy Plant Society and Huddersfield Flower Club. Married to Colin for 50+ years, we have a daughter in Massachusetts, USA and a son in Hong Kong- and yes, I love to travel!

Colleen Tucker

Hello, I’m Colleen Tucker.   I am a facilitator, mentor and intuitive Tarot consultant.   I was born and lived in various parts of South Africa until I moved to the UK in 2004.   I am married to my beloved second husband, Glen, and I have two wonderful children who, despite the many challenges faced by their mother during their growing up years, have turned into well rounded responsible adults.   I am also the proud Granny to six wonderful grandchildren.
I teach Angelic Reiki, workshops about Death and Dying, offer readings and mentoring programs and design workshops.
I have been involved with the BCMA since 2010, initially as a member and then as the Chair of the Angelic Reiki Association, one of the member associations.   I believe that CAM has a place alongside conventional medicine, particularly with regard to patient wellbeing.    As a member of the BCMA Officer Team, I contribute in various areas, but focus particularly on licensing, research and media monitoring.

Ron Mercer

My experience of the benefits of complementary therapies during a time of personal crisis led me to a desire to understand the various approaches in greater depth.   My training journey in parallel with my own personal journey, extended through massage, aromatherapy, counselling, craniosacral therapy and the profound “Journey” led by Brandon Bays.   I have been registered with BCMA through membership of APNT since 1990 and was invited to act as BCMA Treasurer in 2001, a role which I continue to fulfill today, as well as acting as one of the deputy Chairs and the initial point of contact for disciplinary matters.

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